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Glenn Pier History

Glenn Pier Depot is the tack shop of Karl Pepper.  Karl started in leatherwork over 30 years ago.  It was at that time that, through his own research and skills, Karl realized he could produce a better product than could be found on the market at the time.

Glenn Pier Depot offers quality products at reasonable prices.  Each item is custom made.  There are no "In Stock" items.  All work is hand-cut, shaped, and designed according to the customer's request using period saddlery tools.  All sewing is hand stitched with 5-ply waxed Irish linen thread.  All pieces are dyed on the face side and edges only, as were originals, unless otherwise requested.  And all Confederate footman staples and ring staples are hand-forged, as were originals.

These are not mass produced saddles, but are made by hand in the same manner saddles of the period were made.  

Reproductions are made based upon all known U.S. and Confederate military arsenal specifications, documentation, and pieces in museum & private collections.  Glenn Pier Depot can make exactly what you want with the consideration that people and horses generally are larger than they were during the conflict.

Karl Pepper has been a Civil War reenactor for over 30 years.  His interest in the Civil War stems from his family's involvement in the conflict.  His mother's great-grandfather served with the 6th Michigan Cavalry U.S., and his father's great-grandfather served with the 8th Kentucky Mounted Infantry C.S.  He has been riding horses for most of his life, currently having 3 of his own, and knows how to properly fit the mount.



Last Updated 21 December 2013